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For Libraries

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income. Almost 15% of children do not own their own book before they are gifted a £1 World Book Day book. (Source: OECD)

In 2021 World Book Day, just like everything else, will be different. We’re adapting to make sure that World Book Day sends a powerful and positive message about books and reading, even in lockdown.

Have a look at our Libraries Tool Kit for ideas and resources to help you make World Book Day happen in 2021. 

World Book Day will work more closely with libraries this year than ever before. We hope to get every library authority involved in this major reading event.

Libraries play a unique role in promoting reading in communities. As a free (at point of use) public service they can provide a stepping-stone to engagement with reading and book buying for less engaged readers and disadvantaged communities. Working together, World Book Day and libraries can promote reading, help change attitudes to book accessibility and encourage engagement with book shops and the wider world of books overall.

How to work with us

Our plan to work with libraries consists of two key strands. First strand: 

World Book Day will work with libraries to:

    • Include clear messaging about the benefits and opportunities of joining libraries.
    • We will look at the libraries Family Friendly Pledge of the £1 books as a jumping off point for exploration 
    • We will include the ‘Find your local library service’ link and information in our communications
    • Produce a ‘how-to’ pack for all libraries, including ideas for how to celebrate World Book Day and offering access to our branding.
    • Engage year-round via the World Book Day Book Club and Share A Story Corner. We will give libraries advance information of the picks, and work with publishers to encourage the selected titles to be made available on the library e-lending services.
    • A library membership drive; library joining forms included in the schools packs to nurseries, primary and secondary schools.
    • Show Your Shares: the World Book Day campaign will encourage families to share photos or videos of themselves reading together. WBD will combine this with its libraries project to engage communities with shared reading activities, and highlight the key role that libraries play in enabling this.

Our second strand of working with libraries involves our partnership with Libraries Connected and the National Literacy Trust. 

Pilot activity in four NLT Literacy Hub areas:

We will test a blended offer to some libraries in NLT Literacy Hub areas. The hub areas are: Blackpool, Doncaster, Nottingham and Middlesbrough. In each pilot we will work with hub, library and other local leaders to develop a deeper understanding of how community partners can be part of WBD as a major national movements to reach into communities who are less likely to engage.

We will:

  • Explore ways that the WBD brand and moment can be used by local agencies and leaders to champion the use of libraries and of library membership, and a positive message about reading, particularly with less engaged communities.
  • Understand how local organisations (libraries, retailers and schools) can work together to use World Book Day to promote reading engagement
  • Enable libraries to use the World Book Day campaign more effectively to promote reading engagement and library membership across the UK.
  • Increase the number of children who use their WBD £1 token to have a book of their own.

Using our materials

Libraries can book World Book Day posters for display. We can also share our assets to help libraries promote World Book Day related activities. Registration for World Book Day 2021 posters has now closed. 

To request any other materials, please email [email protected]

World Book Day is a charity funded by publishers and booksellers in the UK and Ireland.