Who can register For £1/ €1.50 tokens?

Who can register For £1/ €1.50 tokens?

Who can register For £1/ €1.50 tokens?

Who can register for tokens?

Primary School are automatically registered. State and Independent Secondary Schools, 6th Form Colleges, Sure Start, Day Nurseries and Playgroups must have a registration to be sent tokens.

Registered Childminders, Home Educators, and other registered individuals should send in a stamp-addressed envelope to receive tokens before 31 January. The outer and inner return envelopes must have valid stamps for the correct value. The outer envelope should be addressed to:

EdCo – World Book Day SAE
Denne Court
Hengist Field
Oad Street

Please write the number of tokens you require in the top right-hand corner of your return envelope. If you do not enter a value we will only send you 1 token.

You must fix the correct value, 1st or 2nd class stamp to both the outer and your return envelope.

Envelopes which do not have the correct payment on the outer envelope will not be delivered to us by Royal Mail. If there is no stamp on your return envelope, unfortunately we cannot process your request. Postage on your return envelope must be enough to cover the weight of the number of tokens sent, otherwise you may incur a surcharge from Royal Mail. Each token weighs 2 grams.

Any request received up to the 31st January will be stored and despatched after that date. For requests received after the 31st January, please allow up to 14 days for this process.

It is recommended that you re-register your school every couple of years to ensure numbers are up to date.

If you would rather receive a digital token then these will be available free of charge from the website in January.


If your library has received tokens in the past, this may have been from BookTrust’s BookStart coordinators and so it may be best to get in contact with them.

International Schools

Unfortunately, international schools are unable to receive the £1/€1.50 book tokens. However, if you would like to order the books you can do so through places such as Peters, Gardners or Browns. Additional fees may occur for delivery.

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