Meet the Author’s of World Book Day 2020’s Teen Books!

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World Book Day is nearly here!

The World’s biggest celebration of books and reading for pleasure is taking place on 5th March! Throughout World Book Day month (27th February to 29th March) we are celebrating the power of reading by challenging YOU to Share A Million Stories.

We are very excited to speak to authors of this year’s World Book Day books about sharing stories and why they love World Book Day. Beth Reekles and Muhammad Khan tell us how they celebrate World Book Day and what sharing stories means to them.

BR: Beth Reekles, author of  The Kissing Booth – Road Trip

MK: Muhammad Khan, author of Split

Why do you think sharing stories is so important?

BR: Reading can be quite a solitary activity, so being able to share that with someone else and share your excitement over a story feels so special!

MK: Every story is a little gift waiting to delight both the author and the reader so sharing them increases everybody’s joy! A story may act as a ticket to another world, a thrilling adrenaline rush, a secret to be shared among friends, or a promise of great things to come. We understand our past, present and future from stories as well as our place in the world. They bring joy, tears, empathy and compassion and help us make the world a better place.

Who do you enjoy sharing stories with?

Muhammad Khan sharing a story

MK: I cannot tell you how much fun it is to tell my students stories! I love to watch their facial expressions as the plot thickens, twists, takes a sudden dark turn or accelerates along at breakneck speed. I love to make them happy but I also like to encourage them to think outside the box and walk in another person’s shoes.


Which book character would you most like to share a story with and why?

BR: Matilda. Is there any fictional character who loves books more than her?

MK: I would love to share a story with Ilyas from Kick the Moon. He’s a fantastic comic book artist and I would love to see him illustrate one of my stories. We’re both huge fans of comic book superheroes, so it would be exciting to see what we could come up with together!

What do you love about World Book Day?

BR: I just love the enthusiasm around it every year – I remember how excited I’d get twenty years ago when I’d just started school and was discovering my love of books, and how even the kids who didn’t usually ‘like’ to read would get involved and have fun on the day!

What will you be doing on World Book Day?

BR: Working (boring, I know!) but I’ll definitely be getting involved in all the buzz online around World Book Day.

MK: I will be sharing stories with secondary school children of course!