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Hazel Tree Farm: One Stormy Night

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Written by: Alma Jordan
Illustrated by: Margaret Suggs
Publisher: The O'Brien Press

It’s the beginning of a new year on Hazel Tree Farm, and with it comes a burst of new life.

Peter helps Dad to bring baby lambs into the world, while his sister Kate falls in love with next door’s fluffy chicks – and one in particular!

But something is wrong with sheepdog Peg, and one stormy night, she runs away. Through wind and rain, the children race to find her before it’s too late.

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    About the Author

    Alma Jordan

    Alma Jordan lives on a farm in County Meath with her husband Mark and son Eamon. After a successful career in marketing and communications, she founded the award-winning social enterprise AgriKids in 2015 to spread a message of farm safety to children in a fun and engaging way. Alma grew up on a farm in County Kildare, and the Hazel Tree Farm series features lots of real-life stories from her childhood, as well as moments shared by the children she meets through her work today.

    Alma Jordan

    About the Illustrator

    Margaret Suggs

    Margaret Suggs

    Margaret Anne is a children’s book illustrator and can usually be found scribbling in a sketchbook. For a while she did product illustration for a clock company… but that’s a story for another time. In a digital world, Mags still works by hand, creating illustrations that are sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, but always delightful. She was raised in the American Deep South and being a dual citizen has given her illustrations a uniquely cheerful colour palette and a distinct femininity.

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