The Amazing Edie Eckhart: The Friend Mission

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Written by: Rosie Jones
Illustrated by: Natalie Smillie
Publisher: Hachette Children’s Group

Hi! I’m Edie Eckhart.

I’m a little bit different. I have a disability called cerebral palsy, so I talk slowly and fall over a lot. It’s never really bothered me because I’ve never known anything else.

It’s the start of Year Eight and there’s a new girl in Edie’s class from America! Edie can’t wait to get to know Mia and her twin brother, Benjamin. This is Thrilling with a capital T! Especially as Mrs Adler sits Mia next to Edie in class. Mia has a hearing impairment and wears hearing aids. She seems shy and Edie knows how scary it can feel to join a new school. Maybe Edie can be the jam to Mia’s jelly? It’s time for… THE FRIEND MISSION!

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The £1/€1.50 books are also available in braille, large print & audio via Guide Dogs, NCBI, RNIB and Calibre Audio. If you require one of these formats, please get in touch with the following contact numbers closer to World Book Day:

RNIB – Braille & audio versions (UK) 0303 123 9999
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    About the Author

    Rosie Jones

    Rosie Jones is a British stand-up comedian, actor and script writer who has written for multiple TV panel shows and sitcoms. Rosie has always longed to be a children’s author and Jacqueline Wilson is her personal hero. Rosie’s The Amazing Edie Eckhart series is inspired by her own experiences of navigating a school with cerebral palsy.

    Rosie Jones

    About the Illustrator

    Natalie Smillie

    Natalie Smillie

    Natalie lives in Devon with her Husband, Son and dog (Maggie). She can usually be found either scribbling furiously at the computer with a decent box set on in the background, or out in the garden supervising her digger-obsessed son and stick-obsessed dog.

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