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Mathare North Community Library from Book Aid International on Vimeo.

World Book Day is very happy to support Book Aid International, a fantastic charity dedicated to changing lives through books.

Every year they send half a million books to community, public, school and academic libraries in 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, to increase access to the best quality books in some of the poorest areas of the world. Over three hundred thousand of those books were destined for use by primary and secondary school aged children.

Book Aid International knows that in Africa books change lives. But, desperate book shortages throughout sub-Saharan Africa mean that in some countries, one school book can cost the equivalent of a month’s wages – putting books far out of the reach of the vast majority of people.

The number of children attending primary school is increasing in sub-Saharan Africa, but unfortunately the provision of school equipment and books in particular, is not. Books are essential for providing good quality education and ensuring that children leave school with a good level of literacy. Book Aid International are working with partners to ensure that more primary and secondary school libraries in sub-Saharan Africa have supplies of good quality books to help their pupils gain a better education for life.

UK schools have a natural empathy with Book Aid International’s work, and show their support each year on World Book Day. Thanks to everyone’s creative efforts, World Book Day 1st March 2012 was a record breaking event for Book Aid International – raising over £76,000! That’s enough to send 38,000 brand new books to libraries in sub-Saharan Africa – that’s certainly something to celebrate!

With your support, we can make 2013 even bigger and better!

For every £2 your school raises, Book Aid International can send one more book to Africa!


We’d love schools to Get Changed to Change Lives by dressing up as their favourite book character or dressing down and holding a non-school uniform day.

Please visit our website for hints, tips and resources to help you with your fundraising on World Book Day!

If your school has raised money for Book Aid International, please send the money raised by cheque made payable to Book Aid International to Book Aid International, 39-41 Coldharbour Lane, London SE5 9NR. Thank you!
Contact information
For more information about Book Aid International please get in touch:
Emily Wainwright, Book Aid International, 39-41 Coldharbour Lane, London SE5 9NR
Telephone: 020 7326 5826
[Book Aid International is a registered charity and company in England and Wales. Charity no. 313869]