Younger Bookworms 4+

Younger Bookworms 4+


This game has been created to encourage reading at home and all the exciting ways you can share stories – not just at bedtime! Tick off a Reading Star each time you complete a reading task and have fun reaching all your stars. Remember, you don’t have to complete all your stars in one go. We will save your progress so that you can come back and tick off the stars as you go. Don’t forget to download your certificate at the end!

Download a PDF to play the game at home   Play the game for older bookworms

Note to parents/guardians/teachers – so that children can continue playing the game and their progress won’t be lost, our website registers your computer’s IP address  This is the only information we will store and you can wipe this information at any time using the ‘Clear progress?’ button at the bottom of the game. Based on the original idea by Hannah, Wymondham.

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