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Share A Million Stories FAQs

Share A Million Stories FAQs

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If you have a query regarding Share A Million Stories, please search our FAQs below.

Join our Reading Revolution. To find everything you need to get involved visit Share a Million Stories

Celebrate stories. Love reading.
World Book Day is funded by publishers & booksellers in the UK & Ireland.

  • What is Share A Million Stories?

    Our mission for 2020 is to invite everyone nationwide to Share A Million Stories and spread the love of books and reading for pleasure, both in school and at home.

    It’s a campaign to help change children’s lives and make story sharing a habit of a lifetime – we’re encouraging the nation to help us share and record online over a million stories throughout World Book Day month.

    Sharing a story is being read to or reading with an adult, sibling, friend – or pet for a minimum of 10 minutes. Ideally, this takes place at any time throughout the day, from breakfast till bedtime – at the breakfast table, on the bus, in the bath, or in bed.

    There are LOTS of brilliant booky prizes up for grabs every week, from £1,000 of books for schools, to National Book Tokens or an exclusive print by World Book Day illustrator, Rob Biddulph.

  • Why is sharing stories and reading for pleasure so important?

    Did you know:

    • Reading for pleasure is in decline: only 29% of 0-13s read for pleasure daily (down from 30% in 2017). Source: Children’s Reading for Pleasure: Trends and Challenges, Egmont, 2019
    • The number of parents sharing stories with their children is also in steep decline: only 56% of 3-4-year-olds are read to daily or nearly every day (69% in 2013).
    • Fewer than 19% of 8-10-year-olds are read to daily or nearly every day (down from 25%). Source: Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer Nielsen, 2018

    That’s why we need YOUR help – parents, carers, teachers, booksellers and librarians – to reach our target of one million stories shared during World Book Day month, to promote the importance of sharing stories with children.

  • Who can get involved?

    We are inviting everyone to get involved in World Book Day’s most ambitious target yet, to spread the love of books and reading for pleasure, both in school and at home. Nurseries/pre-schools, schools, bookshops, libraries, families, parents, carers, home-schooled children, communities and businesses are all very welcome to take part.

    There are prizes to be won every week for most of these settings, from £1,000 of books for schools, to National Book Tokens or an exclusive print by World Book Day illustrator, Rob Biddulph.

  • How do I register?

    Register to take part, find resources and keep updated on the live national total.

  • How long does Share a Million Stories run?

    The challenge will be running throughout World Book Day month – 27 February-29 March 2020.

  • What counts as a story share?

    ALL reading (for a minimum of 10 minutes) counts towards a story share, from picture books to paperbacks, comics to magazines, graphic novels, e-Books and audiobooks.

  • Do only books count?

    All kinds of reading count, from books, to audiobooks, comics, magazines – and fiction and non-fiction. See the infographic here.

  • How many people have to share the story?

    Sharing stories encourages wellbeing for all. We’re counting HOW MANY people the stories are shared with, so one story is equal to the number of people listening, e.g. a 10-minute story shared with 20 children at Story Time = 20 story shares.

  • How do I record my story shares?

    Copy and share the Share A Story Reading Record to record all the stories children are sharing both at home and at school on a weekly basis. Then record the TOTAL NUMBER of stories shared via your profile at (and update the total on your Share-O-Meter). You can do this as often as you like, but weekly may be easiest – and watch the stories grow! This step is hugely IMPORTANT.

  • Should we set a target for our family, class, school, bookshop or library?

    We are encouraging each setting which takes part to set your own personal target – how many stories do you think you can share throughout World Book Day month? Ideally, your target will be ambitious, but achievable – and you can celebrate when you reach your target at the end of March.

  • Do you have recommendations of good stories to share?

    Find inspiration of stories to share with children of all ages from this list of the Top 100 Stories to Share, voted for by the nation.

  • What are the prizes?

    There are lots of prizes to be won EVERY week during World Book Day month (27 February-29 March 2020). We will choose winners from our registered settings at random every week. See the terms & conditions [link] to find out more.

    • For schools: £1,000 worth of stories to share
    • For families & home-schooled children: £100 of National Book Tokens
    • For bookshops & libraries: A signed, exclusive Rob Biddulph print
  • How do I find out if I have won?

    World Book Day will email you at the email address you provide on your profile. We will aim to email winners ASAP the week after they have won.

  • When will I receive my prize?

    Prizes will be sent to you ASAP after you have been contacted.

  • Where can we find the live national total?

    You will be able to see the live total at

  • Can I encourage other people in my team/community to get involved?

    Our very talented illustrator Rob Biddulph has designed this World Book Day Share-O-Meter for you to use as inspiration! You can also use this arrow in Pull-out Activity 1 of our downloadable resource pack (link) to move up your Share-O-meter as your total grows.

  • What Share A Million Stories resources are available to me?

    We have a fantastic range of Share A Million Stories ideas, inspiration, resource packs and activities available for download

  • Can I share audiobooks?

    Absolutely – encouraging children and young people to listen to stories being read aloud – even for just 10 minutes a day, positively impacts their own reading aloud skills, allowing them to access a wider variety of books and bring the characters to life.

    From 27 February – 29 March, a range of marvellous stories will be available for teachers, parents and carers to stream for FREE.

  • Will children receive a certificate for taking part?

    Of course! 

  • Do you want us to share our progress on social media

    We would love to see as many classes and families sharing stories as possible. Please tag @WorldBookDayUK or @WorldBookDayIE (in Ireland) using #ShareaStory.